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The Top Dog methodology is a powerful system for trend trading developed by Dr. Barry Burns.  If you are interested in trend trading you owe it to yourself  to check out the Top Dog Visualized trader.   I developed this study for personal use trading the Top Dog methodology.  It worked so well, that after Dr. Burns had personally traded it, he asked that we offer it to his students. The following link is when the release of the product had special pricing offered and it is still available through this link. The link takes you directly to his video explaining the Top Dog Visualized Trader.  Though the pricing dates back to the release date, the version will be the most current available.  In the future should there be updates they will be sent to you.  It is also available for Ninja Trader as well.

Top Dog Visualized Trader Link 

Tested Wisdom Presents Top Dog Visualized Trader

Top Dog Visualized Trader Link 


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