Author: gcodom

  • Does Insanity reign?

    If you take a look at the last couple of days, you can see where emotion rather than rationality commands the market.  This is a good thing to watch, as it confirms that the market is a place often dominated by fear.  Fear can be a powerful force causing people to act quickly without thinking […]

  • New Video Manual

    The is a new manual under development that is in video format.  Part 1  and Part 2 are posted under the   MEMBERS AREA  tab

  • The Making of a Trader

    It was 1964 and I was a brand new 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force.  I had just acquired my new MG B model and I thought all was right with the world.  At that time I took my first step into the stock market.  The step was tenuous at best as I made a […]

  • Price Action With SRT As Confirmation

    A Price Study Price is the key to everything.  Price action will give you guidance as to what to expect for future moves.  Below is an example using the Nikkei 225 futures. Note that price has been trading in a zone of consolidation for several hours.  Movement is enough that one could have actually traded […]

  • Exit Strategies Part 2

    In the previous post we discussed the generalities of stops and how they can be used. We also discussed the use of stops both for loss and for profit. We discussed how each was equally important and why. In this post we are going to look at exits using other methods of establishing trailing stops. […]

  • About Exit- Strategies Part 1

    How many times have you been in a trade that really looks good, but then begins to move against your position?  Does it make you uncertain and do you begin to feel conflicted and wonder what you should do?  Then there is the flip side where you find yourself in a profitable position and you decide to […]

  • About Exits-Fears

    Fear is a driving emotion in most humankind, perhaps with the exception of some sociopaths.  Feeling rather certain that most of my readers are not sociopaths let us proceed.  Fear is caused by many things, some of them more recognizable as fear promoters.  Generally when we talk about fear we relate to the scary things […]