Tested Wisdom, the products and the information on this site is the result of the efforts of many different people who volunteered their time and experience.  Most have become friends during the years of our association and our cooperative efforts to find the very best trading system. The goal was and still remains to create a trading system that could be learned by most all traders, beginners to professionals, and be equally useful to all.

Through years of research, testing, trading and reviewing other trading systems, as well as a small measure of good luck, we have built a trading system that excelled any other being offered.  It was our desire to produce something that could be available to  everyone regardless of their budget.  Now Tested Wisdom Trading can offer a most remarkable product that meets all your goals.

We encourage you to browse.  This website is evolving and new material will be added from time to time as time permits.  I think you will find most of it useful and perhaps even edifying.  So please check back occasionally to to see what is new.  Pave questions?   Contact Us