A Market Snap Shot

This morning opened up with several scan results, but most were volatile issues that I chose to avoid. The only symbol with good results from the analyze tab had other issues. Here is a screen shot of that scenario. To begin, the analyze tab.

Looks good right? Yes it does but look at the sector.

That is not encouraging as it is the lowest positive result for the last 12 months with only Energy being lower which is actually in the negative.

In addition if you take a look at the charts you can see it may have difficulty making any progress in the near future.

One can clearly see that this is a zone of contention and price has failed to make any real move since 6/17/19. Also, one can see that there is about a $5.00 spread between the two SRT Zones. This does not reflect to me as a security that I could expect immediate price escalation. In my opinion, $5.00 on an $86.00 stock is just not enough return. Even at that, you would have to catch it just right to get that return as price has retraced multiple times and that would take you out unless you allowed the risk to be equal to the return and that is not a good idea.

I have mentioned before the importance of avoiding trades may be more important than knowing when to take them. This is one I would avoid for the reason given above.

Keep an eye out for the new Stress Free Video as it will be there first part of the week.






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